The majority of administrators feel like they spend too much time on student behavior and not enough time focusing on the other important duties that come along with successfully leading a school or program. Leadership practices, philosophies, and policies when it comes to student behavior have a direct impact on student success and principal-staff relationships. Whether you have set out to get your staff trained on high-yield behavioral strategies, learn how to develop a behavior program to fit your students needs, or take the leap and completely re-vamp a struggling classroom or your entire school, we've got you covered. 

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Leadership is NOT about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge. - Simon Sinek

If you're like us, you want meaningful outcomes for all students. Yet, most schools still have zero-tolerance policies in place and don't recognize the disproportional impact these procedures are having on certain populations of kids. Maybe you want to do a policy overhaul, but aren't sure of what to put in place. Maybe you already implement PBIS but aren't seeing the effects of it. In order for student behavior to

change, the staff intervening must change their behavior first. Let's face it: trying to coach and train your entire building team, or even just a few staff members may seem daunting. And if you aren't confident in your own skillset when it comes to behavior, how are you supposed to make staff feel comfortable with the process? That's where we come in. We have extensive experience in program development, setting up

school-wide processes and procedures, and training staff to the point where they come to work each day feeling confident in their ability to work with students with even the most complex behaviors.

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Behavior change starts from the top.

Increased leader effectiveness leads to increased staff effectiveness,
and increased staff effectiveness leads to increased student achievement;
let us help you revolutionize your program so it changes your student's lives. 

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From single consultations to get you rolling, to year-long on-site behavior training and continued coaching, or anything in between, our team is ready for action!

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Our passion truly lies in teaching others. Whether it be a speaking engagement or a hands-on workshop, we can't wait to leave your team confident and excited about all the knowledge and skills they acquire. 

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Join educators from all over the world in The Behavior Institute membership! Find everything you need in one spot to support your staff in effectively navigating and improving behavior in the school and classroom setting.

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Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of taking courses on specific behavior-change topics, all while sipping coffee in your pj's. BACB CEUs and certificates of completion available. 

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