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At Navigating Behavior Change, we assist teachers, administrators, related service providers, and paraeducators in learning how to effectively minimize and prevent challenging behavior in the school setting. It's time to get you back to educating instead of firefighting. 

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of teachers think that they are not fully prepare for classroom management and handling student behavior


of teachers report not having enough resources or PD to meet the needs of students with behavioral issues.


of teachers are effectively trained to manage challenging behaviors. 



students are subject to restraint and seclusion each year based on schools who report these practices.

3 Million 

students are suspended each year, missing out on a total of over 11 million instructional days. 

1 in 6

students have a diagnosed mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder. 70% don't receive proper help.

Your Solution for Comprehensive Behavioral Support.

Providing services to you and your team to create effective outcomes for students with behavioral challenges. 


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These aren't just your ordinary PD trainings - our comprehensive sessions are specially created with your team and students in mind, leaving you with an entirely new skillset. 

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Our self-paced, actionable, and easy-to-understand courses are your roadmap to effective classroom management, behavior support plans, and everything in between. 

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Simply looking to learn more about behavior change? Our blog is home to a host of information on common questions, strategies, and various topics from within the field.  

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