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We at Navigating Behavior Change assist teachers, administrators, and service providers
in utilizing evidence-based interventions to increase independence for at-risk students with significant emotional and behavioral challenges. From guiding you on how to explicitly teach missing skills, to showing you how to effectively train staff, all the way to employing school-wide systems changes, the success of your students is our biggest priority. 

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3 Million 

students are suspended each year, missing out on a total of over 11 million instructional days. 

1 in 6

students have a diagnosed mental, behavioral, or developmental disorder. 70% don't receive proper help.


students are subject to restraint and seclusion each year based on schools who report these practices.


students are arrested annually. Students with ED are 3 times more likely to be arrested than other students.


of patients who receive mental health services in residential treatment facilities are children. 


of teachers report not having enough resources or PD to meet the needs of students with behavioral issues.


In this free training, learn how to proactively tackle work refusal behaviors. From shifting your mindset, to discovering the two main elements that determine a student's ability to accomplish a task, all the way to walking through the three actions steps we recommend to get started - click the button below to watch now for FREE!


Your Solution for Comprehensive Behavioral Support.

Providing services to you and your team to create effective outcomes for students with behavioral challenges. 



We provide on-site and remote consultative services to those interested in learning how to create behavior change on an individual, classroom or school level.

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These aren't just your ordinary PD trainings - our comprehensive sessions are specially created with your team and students in mind, leaving you with an entirely new skillset. 

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The search has ended! The Behavior Institute is your go-to hub for training videos, downloadable resources, behavior skill programs, and more!

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We are an approved continuing education unit provider through the BACB, but here's the best part - anyone can access our self-paced courses! 

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