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Danielle and Amanda provide professional development trainings and speaking engagements tailored to the individual needs of your staff, students, school, and program. They have experience designing and presenting trainings for single classroom teams, self-contained programs, alternative schools, departmental training, district learning academies for college credit, and state-wide conferences. From half-day to multi-day sessions - you choose! This won't feel like your typical run-of-the-mill PD though, so get ready to increase your behavioral skillset all while smiling and laughing along the way. 

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Building the capacity and skillset of you and your team

Workshops involve active engagement and utilize a Behavior Skills Training model. Amanda and Danielle understand the importance of gaining new knowledge as well as the steps to implement and generalize the strategies taught. In our workshops, you will learn research and evidence-based actionable strategies that you can immediately apply with your students. Ready-to-use templates, resources, and steps to guide your team through different behavior change procedures will be provided. Between lectures, discussions, videos, case studies, and hands-on practice, we teach you how to how to identify and implement strategies and navigate the behavior change process as a team. 

Are you tired of staff trainings leaving your educators just as overwhelmed and confused as before? Are they tired of hearing the same "behavior talk" over and over again? 

Feedback from past audience members:

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"In my 25 years in Special Education, this has been the most helpful and engaging training I have every participated in. Thank you both so much!!"

- Sheree G.
Teacher, Morrison Center

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"This was great! I'd love to have our entire staff participate!"

- Kyle S.
 Assistant Principal, Blue Hill Consolidated School

star rating

"Extremely well presented and practical for immediate implementation."

- Donna L.
Director of Education, Mohawk Council of Akwesasne

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"I was pleased to see that Danielle and Amanda gave us real strategies to support ALL students in the general education setting (Tier 1) and at the same time, respond to the needs of students who might need Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions as well."

- Sharon P.
Director of Special Education, Acton School Department

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"This is one of the most helpful trainings I've attended in recent memory."  

- Michelle J.
Educational Technician, MSAD #6

star rating

"Applying this learning to my classroom has already helped myself as a teacher move forward in my instruction and my students move forward in their learning!"

- Katrice H.
Kindergarten Teacher, RSU #87

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September 26, 2023; October, 6, 2023; October 10, 2023; October 17, 2023; October 24, 2023; & October 31, 2023 

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Intervening at the Classroom Level to Reduce Challenging Student Behavior (Principal Training)
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