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Our primary goal at Navigating Behavior Change, LLC. is to assist educators in teaching, working with, and improving the lives of students who exhibit challenging behavior that interferes with learning. We are committed to disseminating the science of behavior through professional development, courses, and mentorship opportunities. Our work is founded upon research and evidence-based practices which assist educators in taking a comprehensive, holistic approach to creating classrooms and schools that not only promote positive behaviors, but foster happy, engaged, and independent learners. We know that true, long-term behavior change requires the participation of a team of adults, and we are proud to be able to provide support to teachers, administrators, school psychologists, behavior analysts, service providers, and paraeducators.

Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson

EdS, NCSP, BCBA - Co-Founder

Amanda is a board certified behavior analyst, nationally certified school psychologist, and co-
founder of Navigating Behavior Change, LLC. She has over 18 years of experience within the public-school setting, and as a military wife has had the opportunity to work in various regions across the United States. This has exposed her to different educational settings and provided diverse learning opportunities and experiences. Amanda has worked in the traditional role of a school psychologist, as a behavior analyst within self-contained behavior programs, and as a coordinator assisting with program development and staff training at a separate public facility. She has significant experience in conducting assessments, developing comprehensive, individualized behavior intervention plans, and ensuring compliance with special education law. She has served as an expert witness in due process cases and has over 150 hours taught as a Nonviolent Crisis Intervention trainer. While working in various states, she has developed and taught professional development at the school, district, and state level. Amanda is well versed in assisting school teams in implementing positive behavior intervention frameworks, regularly provides professional development, training, and support in implementing classroom management strategies, and is a leader both within her educational setting and her role as an educational consultant. Amanda received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Alaska Pacific University, before receiving both a master’s degree and educational specialist degree in educational psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. After several years in the field, she returned to school where she received a post graduate certificate in applied behavior analysis from St. Joseph’s University.

Danielle Gonyea

Danielle Gonyea

M.Ed., BCBA - Co-Founder

Danielle Gonyea is a board certified behavior analyst, licensed elementary education teacher, prior special educational teacher, and the co-founder of Navigating Behavior Change, LLC. Upon the start of her career, she quickly developed a passion for the population of students who many deemed "too dangerous" or "difficult to connect with." Her classroom was established as one of the district's observation rooms in which teachers could come observe, ask questions, and see specific strategies modeled in real time. The students with whom Danielle primarily works experience significant mental health disorders, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, past or ongoing adverse childhood experiences that disrupt daily functioning, and comorbidities that impact social and emotional regulation. Her work as a consultant lead her into the subdiscipline of Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) as she quickly recognized the need for a more systematic and scientific approach to supporting staff performance and working conditions. Current emphasis of her work lies in training educators in classwide and individual student-level practices that support underdeveloped executive functions and minimize the need for more intensive or restrictive interventions. Danielle received her bachelor’s degree in elementary education and her master’s degree in special education from the University of Vermont. Danielle later attended the Florida Institute of Technology where she obtained her certificate in applied behavior analysis and organizational behavior management. 

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