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We know how difficult it can be to find support and navigate student behavior...

But It Doesn't Have To Be


overwhelmed when it comes to student behavior and you don't know where to start.

You can't get anything 
done because disruptive behaviors keep derailing your plans.

You are at a loss when it comes to data collection, interventions, and staff training. 

Every day just feels like you are constantly putting out fires, triaging, and trying to stay afloat. 

You have little to no support and feel like you're on an island - but you really want to help your students.

That's why we created The Behavior Institute. 

Throughout our years of working in the trenches of various school districts, we quickly realized there was a tremendous discrepancy when it came to the level of training educators were receiving in behavior management relative to the student behaviors they encounter on a daily basis.  Seeing the need for consultation services and behavior support, we decided it was time to share our combined 25 years of experience, knowledge, and success with as many educators as we could. It is our mission and passion to help you and your team not only transform student behavior, but revolutionize the way you instruct, educate, and work within the school environment. We are so excited to continue our journey in supporting educators like you navigate behavior change. 

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Shift your mindset

Shift Your Mindset

Behavior change is always achievable for our students. Learn how true behavior change starts with YOU.


Stay Up-To-Date

We present the research on the latest strategies in understandable terms allowing you to implement with ease!

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Select Interventions

Gain confidence in choosing function-based interventions and worry less about doing the "wrong thing."

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Increase Fidelity

Learn tips to build consistency across the school setting when implementing behavior strategies and plans. 

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Train Staff

Learn how to gain buy-in, effectively teach behavior-change concepts to staff, and assist them in using them in the classroom.

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Utilize Data

Gain the skills to select, use, and analyze data to help you make decisions about interventions, progress, and more. 


Comprehensive library of high-quality, evidence-based resources

Get started implementing change TODAY with our collection of worksheets and guides, step-by-step programs and protocols, visual supports, data sheets, and training documents. Resources are based on research and best practice so you can feel confident knowing you are doing right by your students. Many resources are available in editable and fillable formats, allowing you to tailor them to the individual needs of your students. 

Download a FREE sample template

Collection of Mini-Trainings

Right along side the collection of resources you will also find a growing number of mini-trainings. These differ from our monthly webinars in that they are shorter in duration and more specific in nature (who doesn't love a quick win?) Videos cover a wide variety of topics, resources, and strategies, leaving you feeling more confident and competent when it comes to implementation. Examples of mini-trainings may include how to fill out a specific data collection sheet, the dos and don'ts of a particular reinforcement system, or the steps of implementation of a certain antecedent-based intervention.


Grab your favorite beverage, throw on your sweats, and join us from the comfort of your home for in-depth trainings. Webinar topics range from foundational concepts which are essential to understand within the behavior-change process to those that will build specific skills. Examples of webinar topics may include concepts such as reinforcement, executive functioning, trauma, functional assessment, and more. 


Consultation and Course Discounts

With all the coffee you buy to be the best you can be each day, you deserve to cut costs where you can. We are pleased to offer members of The Behavior Institute 20% off all courses. Membership will be verified upon use. 

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We are invested in assisting you in serving your most vulnerable students to increase their chances of success. Therefore, we want to make sure the Institute is the right fit for you first.

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