Our Mission


Our primary goal is to assist educators in teaching and improving the lives of at-risk students who exhibit challenging behaviors.  We know that true, long-term behavior change requires the participation of a team of adults. Therefore, we strive to provide high-quality support to teachers, administrators, school psychologists, behavior analysts, and other service providers. 

Science of Behavior

Navigating Behavior Change is committed to disseminating the science of behavior through consultation, professional development, educational courses, and resources. Our practice is founded upon research and evidence-based strategies which teach and promote generalization of socially appropriate behaviors.

Comprehensive Approach

The number of students who exhibit challenging behaviors as a result of biological and environmental factors is steadily on the rise. It is important to us that our training leaves you and your team feeling more confident in your ability to teach children with various mental health conditions, trauma, and other histories of learning. 

Need Support?

Everyone needs a little guidance every now and then. Head over to our home page to find out about the types of support we provide. 

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